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Product Introduction | The most perfect shop Drawing Automation System

Overview  |       The most perfect shop Drawing Automation System

DAS software is Tekla Structures 3’rd Part.

Intelligent drawing editing and creation tools help you save precious time and standardizes the editing style of drawings.
Also DAS offers the competitive price and quality of service at steel detailing better than present.
It will decrease editing costs by up to half.

We wish you tremendous success in everything you do.


Feature  |       The most perfect shop Drawing Automation System

Support From Tekla 17.0 to 2016i

Support editing single part drawings, assembly drawings, general drawings

Support Metric and Imperial unit.

Single Part

  - Member Type : Straight Beam, Poly Beam, Curve Beam, Plate

  - profile : H-shape, L-shape, C-shape, Channel, T-shape, Rectangular, Round bar


  - Column, Beam/Girder, Brace, Handrail, Stair, Ladder, Grating, Truss, Frame, Purlin, Girth, Sagrod, JambH


  - Column Arrange, Main Plan, Main Elevation, Misc Plan, Finish Plan, Finish Elevation, Stair Plan, Stair Elevation

Easy and fast drawing settings


Import drawing settings from Tekla, reuse in other projects

Easy settings of dimension, mark, object properties


• Dimension properties
• Part, Bolt, Weld mark properties
• Part, Bolt, Surface properties

Powerful dimension customization


User can create their own dimension style and export to other projects

Edit drawing with batch job


Just run DAS when you leave office, DAS works tirelessly
If DAS meets fails, then edit next drawing without stop.

Create section views more accurately


Create section views automatically through analyzing assembly types between primary and secondary part

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