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DAS Version 3.07.0157 Release Note

1. Assembly / Dimension type / Add new dimension for Neighbor part Reference point

It can be created dimension that reference point of neighbor part connect to main part at top and bottom views.

[ Neighborpart Reference point Dimension ]

If you need to create this dimension, you have to check on dimension type where to set the following :

Dimension type option / Beam / MainPart / Top and Bottom view

Dimension type option / BevelBeam / MainPart / Top and Bottom view

Dimension type option / Column / MainPart / Top and Bottom view

2. Assembly / Dimension type / Add new menu for Neighbor part Shear plate

You can create dimension type for shear connection plate with neighbor part.

Where to add in Beam, BevelBeam and column menu. It should be arranged parallel part with main and neighbor part at top & bottom view.

Note) In case of there is not touched connection plate with main part when use contact dimension,

DAS will create dimension for distance between plate and main part automatically.

3. Assembly / Mark / Add new set Connection mark

You can use connection mark in Assemble drawing.

Please follow how to use this :

1) Set to use connection mark properties and save as in Tekla.

- Open the assembly drawing and find setting for connection mark in Annotating menu.

Also you can set new properties If there is no properties in Tekla drawings.

2) Please run Option and move to connection mark in DAS Mark tab.

- Check on "Visible" and select properties that was save in Tekla.

- Please click Refresh button, If you cannot find your properties.


a. You should set connection mark properties file format *.jm, other properties will not work with DAS.

b. It might not show connection mark as per TEKLA structures version therefore we recommend you have to use latest service release version of Tekla structures.

4. Assembly / Add to set Omit CutBack dimension for field splice

You can choose distance that is connecting from reference point to end of main part.

If distance less than input distance will be omitted and distance larger than input distance will be showing for main part overall dimension.

"Omit Cutback Dimension for FieldSplice" setting have an effect on “field splice” and “double shear” connection.

[ CutBack dimension sample ]

5. Assembly / Dimension / Properties / Add new set Primary part cut dimension

You can set for one dimension or individual dimension when you have cut part for mainpart in front view.

In case of check on dimension, It will be created one dimension for cut part.

In case of check off dimension, It will be created individual dimension for cut part.

6. Assembly / dimension type / Column / Add new set Depth with reference line dimension

You can select dimension for Depth with reference line in column type.

If you need to create this dimension, you have to check on dimension type where to set the following :

Dimension type option / Column / Mainpart / "Depth with Reference line"

7. Assembly / Section / improvement in Create filter

Improvement “Section create filter” for user interface and functions.

1) Reset

2) Selected elements

3) Find panel

You can easily find it by typing the text in “Available elements” or “Selected elements”.

4) Reload

If Tekla model data is changed, Section create filter information update according to latest Tekla model with keeping set the properties that was selected.

8. Assembly / Object / Section view / Activity function for Neighbor part Custom

You can use custom function for appear neighbor part in section view.

Please note this function available more than 19.0 version of Tekla.

9. Assembly / dimension type / Section / Add new dimension for Shear web plate

10. Tools / Section Manager / Add new direction for View position Arrange

11. Add Grid Manager tool

It can be easily changed properties and location for Grid label in all drawings

12. Tools / Edit UDA / Add new option for checking total quantity

In Edit UDA tool added new option that is searching total quantity for every single part.

In Single part drawing or Assembly drawing, You can find total quantity in “Qty” row as your selection part when you run “Check total quantity”.

13. Revision /Tools / Create Rev. Mark and cloud

Added new tools that create revision mark and cloud for all drawings

1)Create Mark

Open the drawing and run “Create Mark”

a. Rev Mark : Define revision number or Mark.

b. Text Font : Define font style for Rev. Mark.

c. Text Color : Define color for text of Rev. Mar.

d. Text Height : Define Height of text.

e. Triangle Color : Define color for Triangle line.

f. Create : You can create revision mark with your pick point

g. Delete : You can delete all revision mark for open


2)Create Cloud

Open the drawing and run “Create Cloud”

<Cloud Properties>

a. Line color : Define the cloud line color.

b. Line type : Define the cloud line type.

c. Cloud distance : Define the cloud size.

d. Bulge for all lines : Define the cloud bulge.

e. You can define two type for View and Object.


You can create revision cloud such as rectangle and polyline after select type for view or object.

a. Polygon : You can create revision cloud with a line for your polygon shape.

b. Rectangle : You can create revision cloud with a rectangular shape.

c. Combine Cloud : You can merge revision cloud that have some cross revision cloud more than two. Also when you have different revision cloud properties

It will be changed as per the last select revision cloud properties.

14. Request for improvement from DAS customers

1) Fixed Section view label position for ”Center by restriction box” in Assembly.

2) Fixed move to dimension for up & down in Bevel bracket menu

- Assembly / Dimension type / Bevel Bracket

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