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DAS Version 3.07.0155 Release Note

1. Assembly / Object / each view setting is fixed.

- Each view settings that have some error is fixed.

[Build0154 ] [ Build0155 ]

- For setting each view properties in object through “General” or “Custom” button. - General : It will be applied setting according to “General” tab. - Custom : You will be able to set for different from “General” tab when you select to

“Custom” Button.

2. Assembly / Section / Create filter / Improvement for Show find panel.

- “Show find panel improve input text menu when you use “Create filter” setting in section.

- “Show Find Panel” function is support tools when user apply to section create filter for

easily find part prefix or part profile, And you can select function in menu when select

right button in mouse at the specified zone(Red Box).

3. Assembly / Dimension type option / Fixed dimension set for move up & down.

Move up & down function was DAS error last version(3.07.0154), But this version(3.07.0155)

is fixed.

4. Other fixes.

1) Fix to edit failed for Ladder Assembly drawing.

[Build0154 ] [ Build0155 ]

-In this case when ladder rung go out from side rail was not support,

But from this version can support this type.

2) Fix to section dimension for “Shear Flange Plate”.

[ Build0154 ] [ Build0155 ]

- Connection plate hole dimension is fixed at the flange side.

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